General Pest Control in East Arnhem Land

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Arnhem Land Pest Control is the team to work with to return your home or business to perfect order. We’ll ensure any pest problems you’re experiencing are eradicated for good. Our commitment to quality on every job means that the techniques and materials we use are of the highest standards. All our work is undertaken by our well-trained team who are known for their dedication and eye for detail.



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Ants are considered to be one of the most environmentally adaptive species. They possess the capability of building their own nests and expanding them to a perfect size that suits their colony.

Many households considered ants the most frustrating of pest infestations. One of the reasons for this is that they can easily build their colony in a small crack in your home’s foundation and cause damage from within.

Issues To Consider with Ants

Ants Are Smart

Their skills of organization as a colony are remarkable.

Ants Split the Workload

They distinctly divide labour and form groups to get their work done.

Many Entrances and Exits

An ant colony will have many exit and entrance points that require treatment.

Tough to Manage

When ants form an infestation, the whole colony needs to be eradicated.

A Constant Issue

Ants are a very common problem, which is why we’ve developed such effective solutions.



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Fleas can be generally found in your pet’s bedding and resting areas. Animals of all kinds can easily catch fleas, especially wild animals. Wild animals nesting in roofs or under porches often lead to fleas spreading to pets and may result in a flea infestation of your home.

Issues To Consider with Fleas

Be Aware

You may notice fleas from bites or see the them with your own eyes. Stay vigilant.

The Three Steps

Your home will need sanitization, insecticide application and on-animal flea control.

Clean The House

The house needs to be thoroughly cleaned and treated in order to remove any larvae.

How We Work

We will treat the interior of your home, spraying along skirtings and all carpeted areas.



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Our spider pest control services include dusting of the roof void where they commonly nest. We spray all external areas around gutters and eaves, along fence lines, pergolas, around windows and door frames, and all other associated places where spiders are likely to reside.

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