Commercial Pest Control For East Arnhem Land

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Believe it or not, but a pest infestation can be more dangerous than fire and theft. These unwanted guests can be quietly undermining your business without you knowing.

See below for more information on pest solutions for your commercial property.

A member of the team at Arnhem Land Pest Control.

Guard Against Property Damage

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Structural damage resulting from termite attacks can be extremely expensive to repair. It’s almost impossible to assess without the dismantling of affected and non-affected timbers, and very few contractors will work on the task without an open-ended cost approach.

How We Work

Catch It Early

Before your property becomes a risk, call us to isolate the problem.


We offer premium services at competitive prices.


We know you have a business to run, so get the job done fast.


We provide a service with a smile while getting your property back to its best.


We arrive, deal with the issue, then leave your property looking perfect.

Damaged Stock

With damaged stock and equipment, economic loss can be severe, especially if materials have already entered the supply chain, and need to be recalled before customers and consumers have become involved.

Your Reputation

Don’t let word spread of a pest problem in your establishment.


We service schools of all sizes to guard against pests.


A pest-free property is crucial to the success of any hospitality business.


Cleanliness is vital in hospitals, but there is always the chance of an infestation.

We Offer Regular Inspections

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Commercial services from Arnhem Land Pest Control can be regularly scheduled. We’ll visit your business for rodent, cockroach, spider and termite inspections and treatment on a regular basis.

We offer the commercial pest control you need. Call us for a quote.