Pest Control Services For East Arnhem Land

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Pests can cause damage to properties if left untreated and can even pose a risk to your health. Arnhem Land Pest Control is the solution to all your pest problems in the East Arnhem Land region.

Our pest inspectors have experience in all aspects of pest control. We’re happy to work with real estate agents and can inspect rental homes, rural properties, and commercial premises.

Our Range of Services

Our services treat a comprehensive range of bugs, pests and vermin. Where necessary, we setup baiting systems to ensure the problem is solved as soon as possible.

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General Pest Control

For a range of general pest problems, head over to our general pest control page for more information.

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Termite Control

Termites are social insects that live in colonies. A colony can number several million individuals.

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Commercial Pest Control

It’s hard to believe, but those unwanted guests can be quietly undermining your business whilst your attention is elsewhere.

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Commercial Rubbish Collection

Our team can provide a rubbish collection service for governments, councils and residents.

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Ant Control

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We dust the roof void and accessible cavities, treat the external perimeter of your house and flood treat your paved areas. Arnhem Land Pest Control directly target nests and trails placing ant bait where necessary to eliminate any ant colonies around your home.

Specialist Projects

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We offer a complete pest control service, however there are some pests that require specialized treatment. For example, to treat fire ants, the pest controller needs to be registered with the state government.

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